University of Michigan Press


Chariton's Chaereas and Callirhoe

Date 1939

Includes translation of Callirhoe.

Four Comedies by Aristophanes

Date 1969

Includes translations of Acharnians, Assemblywomen, Frogs, and Lysistrata.

Hesiod: The Works and Days; Theogony; The Shield of Herakles

Date 1991 ISBN 978-0472081615

Includes translations of Shield of Heracles, Theogony, and Works and Days.

The Iliad

Date 2009 ISBN 978-0472033980

Includes translation of Iliad.

The March Up Country

Date 1958

Includes translation of Anabasis.

The Odyssey

Date 2002 ISBN 9780472088546

Includes translation of Odyssey.


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