Cornell University Press


Four Texts on Socrates

Date 1998 ISBN 9780801485749

Includes translations of Clouds, Apology, Crito, and Euthyphro.

Gorgias and Phaedrus

Date 2014 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801471483

Includes translations of Gorgias and Phaedrus.


Date 2001 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801481710

Includes translation of Memorabilia.


Date 1998 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801485329

Includes translation of Phaedrus.


Date 1993 ISBN 9780801481376

Includes translation of On the Civil War.

Plato's Dialogue on Friendship

Date 1989 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801495618

Includes translation of Lysis.

Plato: Gorgias

Date 1998 Series Agora Editions ISBN 0801485274

Includes translation of Gorgias.

Plato: Protagoras and Meno

Date 2004 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801488658

Includes translations of Meno and Protagoras.

The Anabasis of Cyrus

Date 2008 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801489990

Includes translation of Anabasis.

The Education of Cyrus

Date 2001 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801487507

Includes translation of Education of Cyrus.

The Roots of Political Philosophy

Date 1987 Series Agora Editions ISBN 0801494656

Includes translations of Alcibiades I, Clitophon, Hipparchus, Hippias Major, Hippias Minor, Ion, Laches, Minos, Rival Lovers, and Theages.

The Shorter Socratic Writings

Date 2006 ISBN 0801472989

Includes translations of Apology of Socrates, Oeconomicus, and Symposium.

The Theban Plays

Date 2014 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9780801478710

Includes translations of Antigone, Oedipus at Colonus, and Oedipus the King.

Thebaid: A Song of Thebes

Date 2008 Series Masters of Latin Literature ISBN 9780801482854

Includes translation of Thebaid.

Three Comedies

Date 1991 ISBN 9780801495946

Includes translations of Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus, and Rudens.

Trojan Women

Date 1986 ISBN 9780801494314

Includes translation of Trojan Women.

Two Faces of Oedipus

Date 2008 ISBN 9780801473975

Includes translations of Oedipus and Oedipus the King.

Xenophon: The Shorter Writings

Date 2018 Series Agora Editions ISBN 9781501718502

Includes translations of Constitution of the Athenians, Agesilaos, Constitution of the Spartans, Hiero, Hipparchicus, Hunting with Dogs, On Horsemanship, and Ways and Means.


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